Lie down, close your eyes, hear us. 


It is an honour to work in social care; it is joyful but it is hard. For most the conditions and pay are poor and we must navigate supporting people in a world that oppresses them. Many disabled people cannot access the support they need due to racism, queerphobia, poverty, persecution of the mentally ill, and fundamental ableism in our society. I see how much they, and the workers in this sector, need a revolution in social care!

This installation invites you to take time to rest and listen to the voices of people who have experience of social care. We have the collective wisdom to reimagine social care and the collective power to make it happen.


We mustn't burn out fighting for change. We must rest in order to dream. 

This piece was commissioned by CommonWealth Theatre and has been co-created by a number of people with experience of Social Care who are fighting for change.


Alison Treacher (Sectary of Care and Support Workers ORGANISE!), Natalie Summers, Julia, Oliver, Nudrat Afza, Khadijah Afza, Anonymous, who asks not to be named to avoid retaliation from adult social care.