I bring together critical thinking and free play, exploring materials and landscapes to engage diverse communities in creativity, connectivity and political change. As a facilitator, my role is to provide the framework to bring out the the talent and insight that the participants already have. These are a few examples of workshops I have lead in the past. Each workshop is tailored to the best outcome for the group or individual.


For enquiries email josie.tothill@rocketmail.com 

Making History


In this workshop, participants are  invited to make ceramics that represent our times for better or for worse, and explore what we may wish to bury in the past.


The ceramics are fired in a pit. When digging them out we act as archaeologists from the future, digging up the remains of our world and imagining the future we want to look back from. 


Play and Movement Inspire Ideas 

A group of young people requested they do a human sacrifice. I facilitated activities to explore the idea of sacrifice, why it is done, why some cultures are portrayed as 'savage' when human sacrifice is practised widely. We asked if human sacrifice exists today? What do you sacrifice? 


They devised a game where groups sacrificed members and 'God' (me) chose who's sacrifice to answer.

It is a joy to create a workshop tailored to  a weird and wonderful request. 

Painting Ain't Dead


I told the group that in an interview for Art School, a tutor said to me 'painting is dead'. I asked the group what they thought, prompting an insightful discussion. 

I gave them time to grab anything to make marks with that wasn't a paintbrush and said they could do whatever they wanted to a large canvass, while blasting punk music.

Life Drawing


Using discussion, theatre games and art to explore what it means to be naked. I work with a group using trust exercises to foster a safe environment, inviting anyone who who wishes to model.  

Lino Printing 

I can guide in safety and technique, help people gain an understanding of design and 'drawing with light' and provide  equipment for participants to make beautiful prints!


This zine is the result of a series of workshops I lead at WUR arts space, Kirkgate market,Bradford. I utilised games, story telling, cooking and eating to explore food, identity, community and history.

Collage Ideas

This Zine was made in a workshop I lead with ThinkSpace, Bradford. We talked as we collaged, focusing on our fears as activists. We swapped collages and addressed each others fears adding to another persons collage.


This is a workshop I have lead with different community groups and individuals, always prompting insightful discussion.